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Client's Page / Forms, Fees & Resources


These forms are for my new clients. Be sure to read the 4 forms and let me know if you have any questions. Then you can print out the forms and mail them to me with your signature. If you are unable to print out these forms, please let me know and I can mail them to you.

  • Please email or mail the completed forms to me at:
    Ray Stiles, PO Box 582983, Minneapolis, MN 55458.
  • Call with any questions 612-803-7541.
  • Notify me by email or phone to let me know you have mailed the forms.

For all clients please read, complete, print, sign and mail these forms for your first session:

  1. Welcome Form
  2. Client History Form
  3. MN Client Bill of Rights Form
  4. Fees & Terms of Your Tele-Coaching Sessions

For weight loss clients (please fill out and mail these forms). Talk to me first, I only have limited openings for this issue.

  1. Weight Loss Program Questionnaire (page 1 of 2)
  2. Weight Loss Program Questionnaire (page 2 of 2)
  3. Weight History Chart

For stop smoking clients (please fill out and mail these forms). Talk to me first, I only have limited openings for this issue.

  1. Non Smoker Daily List (bring to second session)
  2. Non Smoker Reason's Why
  3. Stop-Breath-Relax Technique for Non Smokers

Most of my clients are referrals and many of them come to me as a last resort. When they have tried everything else and have not gotten the results they want they come to talk to me to get relief and make the changes in their life they are seeking. A common remark I hear is, "I wish I would have talked to you first and saved all the time and money." Please give me a call or send an email to schedule your first Therapeutic Tele-Coaching session so you can begin to experience the process of change right now. 

Fees are due prior to the start of each session.

Payment for each session is due prior to the start of each session. Payments can be made by cash, personal check, or credit card (using our secure PayPal online payment system). If payment is by credit card this payment must be made and received by the day preceding your first session. Each Therapeutic Tele-Coaching Session lasts about 60 minutes. Click on the PayPal button for secure online payment.

Notify me by email or phone to let me know you have paid a fee for your session.

One Tele-Coaching Session $125.

Four Tele-Coaching Sessions $400. Save $100.

Weekly Staying-on-Course™ Tele-Coaching Sessions. Once you have gone through the Therapeutic Tele-Coaching process now its time to Stay On Course with weekly beyond goals coaching sessions to help keep you on track to reaching your objectives and being the person you want to be. Go to this page: Staying-on-Course™ Coaching for additional information. Each call lasts about 15 minutes. Please make payment prior to your session.

One Staying-on-Course™ Tele-Coaching Session $45.

Four Staying-on-Course™ Tele-Coaching Sessions $150. Save $30

Client Resources

My current clients can view some valuable information on helping you to let go of stress, fear, anxiety and any other unwanted tension, emotion or thought. These resources can help reinforce the work we are doing together to help you make the changes you want, now.

Click here to go to the additional resources page (for my current clients). (If you have forgotten your login please email me.)

  1. Stop-Breathe-Release Technique™
  2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  3. Diaphragmatic (deep abdominal) Breathing Instructions
  4. Self Hypnosis In 3 Easy Steps
  5. Create Your Day (4 minute mp3 audio file). A great way to start each new day!
  6. Necker Cube

Coming Soon

  • Living Through Uncertainty: End State Energy Induction MP3 audio file (20 minutes). A hypnotic experience that guides you in the process of accessing your End State Energy to take the Next Smallest Step.
  • Mind Power for Life: The Three Switches to tune-in and turn-on your life. The process of release and self-awareness; the process of self-hypnosis.
  • Living Through Uncertainty. What to do when you are feeling Stuck, Fear, Anxiety, Overwhelm, or experiencing any unwanted emotions, feelings or thoughts. Or, Accessing Your End State Energy & Taking the Next Smallest Step.

"No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that."

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