"You never know how far a change will go."

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Working with Ray is a great adventure. You just relax, trust him and follow his suggestions. This is easy and, even, kind of fun. Your psyche will get exercised (exorcised?) quite thoroughly. It is rather like entering the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland; you don't really know what is going on, where you're headed (although all therapy is based upon your stated goal) or how the session might conclude. But you keep going, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Forget all pre-conceived notions you may have regarding what hypnosis is supposed to be...you will experience a decidedly nonlinear, subjective and amazing mind journey. And you are the one who is making the changes.

After my first phone session with Ray two major, tangible changes resulted. In other similar therapies you might sometimes wonder if anything really happened - but that is not the case here. And these changes have really had a meaningful impact on my life, as I am/was simultaneously undergoing two difficult, life altering events. Things are not perfect but they sure are better and I am able to function much better than before the sessions.

This therapy is a cumulative process, so I look forward to gaining even more resources, greater adeptness, more peace and confidence. And it's easy to work with Ray. Finally, a voice in my head that is friendly and helpful!

M. Hawks
Golden Valley, MN

My problems for the most part have been self-inflicted--professional, financial and marital. Traditional therapy and marriage counseling were going nowhere for me. It seemed I was just wasting money. Anger, frustration, and despair were all things I thought I had to accept as my normal condition. My children openly worried for me. My wife had long ago given up on me. To compound my situation, my seventeen year old son died in a car crash in October 2008. I added the pain of grief to my list.

When presented with the idea of "hypnosis-therapy," I was quite skeptical to the point of suspecting that there was something fraudulent about the process. However, there was nothing of the huckster in Ray's approach to the matter. He promised no miracles but instead provided a logical discussion on the very nature of human emotion itself. He proposes no cure for your problems only the ability to perceive them in a way that allows you to progress with your life. He chooses to pose it as a question. "Change is a given...we are not the same person we were even minutes ago. The question is really whether we are moving toward being the person we want to be."

I am not certain of the specific terminology for the techniques he has applied with me, but they are demonstrably working. The telephone sessions are not in any way a problem. In point of fact, they allow for me a more intense concentration and even a type of anonymity that permits me greater freedom to express my feelings. After several sessions, not only do I "feel" better but colleagues, friends and my children have noticed a positive difference in my behavior.

New Richmond, WI

I was having increasing difficulty with handling life when it didn't go my way. Bouts of crabbiness that were out of character for me followed deep frustration over not being able to complete any projects. I have been working with different coaches and mentors for years on various personal and business issues with varying degrees of success but none of those experiences matched the results I got working with Ray Stiles and his combination of methods. I feel like a new person, or rather, a lot more like the person I always wanted to be!

We resolved three big issues in three therapeutic tele-coaching sessions and I am continuing to work weekly with him because of the fantastic results I'm getting with his weekly Staying-on-Course™ check-in calls. I'm dealing with some surprises and disappointments in a very rational, calm and resourceful way. I'm able to easily go into how I can make a situation work instead of distressing over it. I'm calmer and much kinder to myself. (And yes, I'm finding life is kinder to me in response.) I'm getting the right things accomplished instead of turning in circles. You could say I've made a huge leap toward becoming who and how I really want to be.

Thanks Ray!
"Thanks for helping me to BE, so much easier!"
Nina Potter
St. Paul, MN

"You never know how far a change will go."

Minnesota Hypnosis Quantum Release Tele-Coaching, NLP and EFT raystiles.com

Remember, thinking determines what you want, but action determines what you get.

So call Ray now and get all of your questions answered or set up an appointment: 612-803-7541. Or Email Ray: ray@raystiles.com now.

No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that!

The following is a sampling of conditions or issues successfully treated with Quantum Release Coaching:   Abuse * Addictions * Allergies * Anger * Anxiety * Athletic Performance * Bad Habits * Bed Wetting * Beliefs & Values * Childhood Trauma * Concentration * Confidence * Creativity * Chronic Fatigue * Chronic Pain * Dealing with Divorce, Separation & Death * Depression * Eliminate Unwanted Habits & Emotions * Emotional Trauma * Emotional Clearing * Fear of Intimacy * Fears & Phobias * Fibromyalgia * Finding Lost Objects * Fitness, Health & Well-being * Habit Control * Hair Pulling * Health Issues * Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction * Insomnia * Irritable Bowel Syndrome * Learning * Loss * Low Self-Esteem * Manage Time * Memory Loss * Migraines * Motivation * Nail-biting * Nausea * Pain Control * Panic Attacks * Personal Development * Personal Transformation * Phobias * PMS * Procrastination * Public Speaking Fears * Relationship * Sales Enhancement * Self Esteem & Confidence * Sexual Inhibitions * Smoking Cessation * Spiritual Growth * Sports Performance & Enhancement * Stop Smoking * Stress Reduction * Study Habits * Teeth Grinding * Test Taking * Weight Loss and Maintenance * Writer's Block *  

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"Thinking Determines What You Want, Action Determines What You Get."

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