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    Highly Recommended books you may want to add to your library. Click on the images to order your copy. (check back as new titles are added)

    The Structure of Personality
    by Michael Hall, Bob G. Bodenhamer, Richard Bolstad, Margot Hamblett

    Occasionally a book is published in the field of therapy that has the potential to radically alter the way those working in the helping professions think about certain challenges their clients are experiencing. "The Structure of Personality" could well be such a book. On the basis of their extensive casework, research, training, and modeling, the four co-authors present a fresh understanding of the theory and treatment of personality disorders, from an NLP perspective. Their central premise is that personality is something people do, rather than something they have. This book challenges the current paradigm for the assessment of personality disorders, which tends to view such conditions as negative, crippling, and resistant to change. The authors demonstrate that people already have the ability to re-order personality in ways that allow them to function well, and that personality "disorders" are actually expressions of personal strengths utilised ineffectively.

    This comprehensive and integrated text pulls together the most useful contributions of NLP for addressing the personality disorders. Part 1 presents the theory and research supporting the authors' position, as well as outlining processes for ordering personality. Part 2 details how twelve DSM-IV defined personality disorders can be reordered, based on the material presented in Part 1. This structure makes the book both a resource for research and theory, and a manual for the application of that theory. Chapters alternate between authors. Hall and Bodenhamer use a fairly technical register, while Bolstad and Hamblett's voice is softer, and they continually enliven their theory with case examples, including some from the war-torn Balkins. Despite these stylistic differences, the text is woven together in a relatively seamless manner. This book is both an advanced and a readable text. Its preference for verbs over nouns gives the language energy, and keeps the focus on personality as something people do. A rather minimalist index is a bit of a suprise in a text of this caliber. However, the detailed contents, frequent headings, bullet points, diagrams, highlighted key points, chapter-end summaries, resource list, and extensive bibliography are excellent features.

    Both its ground breaking content, and its user-friendly format, make "The Structure of Personality" a text to have for NLP Consultants, students, and other practitioners in the mental health field, as well as for supervisors and training institutions. Professor Carl Lloyd's view in his introduction to the book seems acurate enough when he concludes that this new book "...is impressive both in scope and depth, staggering in its implications for treating personality disorders, giving the clinical world an utterly new way of looking at the etiology and treatment of personality disorders".

    The ideas in this little book can change your life!

    One Small Step Can Change Your Life : The Kaizen Way
    by Robert Maurer

    Introducing the practical and inspirational guide to incorporating Kaizen and its powerful principles into one's daily life. Rooted in the two thousand-year-old wisdom of the Tao Te Ching--"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"--Kaizen is the art of making great and lasting change through small, steady increments. Kaizen is the tortoise versus the hare. Kaizen is the eleven Fortune 500 companies that significantly outperformed the market through moderate, step-by-step actions. Kaizen is losing weight not by a crash diet (which more often than not crashes) but by eating one bite less at each meal--then, a month later, eating two bites less. Kaizen is starting a life-changing exercise program by standing--just standing--on a treadmill for one minute a day.

    Written by an expert on Kaizen--Dr. Robert Maurer, a psychologist on the staff at the UCLA medical school who speaks and consults nationally--One Small Step is the gentle but potent way to effect change. Beginning by outlining the all-important role that fear plays in all types of change--and Kaizen's ability to circumvent it--Dr. Maurer then explains the 7 Small Steps: how to Think Small Thoughts, Take Small Actions, Solve Small Problems, and more. He shows how to perform mind sculpture--visualizing virtual change so that real change comes more naturally. Why small rewards motivate better than big rewards. How great discoveries are made by paying attention to the little details most of us overlook. Hundreds of examples of Kaizen at work grace the book, as well as quotes from W. Edwards Deming (who brought Kaizen to Japanese industry), Peter Drucker, coach John Wooden, and others.

    Here is another one along the same lines as The Kaizen Way!

    Small Change: It's the Little Things in Life That Make a Big Difference!
    by Susan & Larry Terkel

    We all know that the goal of losing 50 pounds can be overwhelming and self-defeating. But the goal of adding a short walk to your day to begin working off calories is doable and has other rewards as well. If your life has gone off-course, say the authors, co-founders of the Spiritual Life Center and the Hudson Yoga Center in Ohio, you don’t need to make radical changes to get back on course. Small changes can be powerful, they are easier to accomplish, and they add up quickly to significant change. For instance, to begin exercising, you don’t have to start running 10 miles every day: just start walking to the next bus or subway stop instead of the closest one. Upbeat and optimistic, the Terkels reassure the reader that change is possible and offer specific tips on how to take those small steps at work and at home to attain better relationships and improved health. This heartening little book is easy to read and its advice easy to implement.

    It's the little things in life that make a big difference!

    Replace a soft drink with water at just one meal-say, lunch. Over the course of a year, you will drink approximately forty gallons more water, avoid consuming up to 50,000 calories, and save as much as $500. Indeed, just as the stray coins you toss into a jar each evening gradually build into an amount you can use to actually purchase something sub-stantial, small changes-of any kind-can really add up! In Small Change, husband-and-wife writing team Susan and Larry Terkel offer readers a gentle yet powerful program for making significant changes in their lives based on three simple principles:

    • Small changes are easier than big makeovers. (Each week add just one private dinner with your mate to your schedule and see your relationship improve by leaps and bounds.)
    • Small changes add up to big benefits over time. (Smile just a little each day and, over time, watch your stress levels decrease, your immune system grow stronger, and your relationships prosper.)
    • Small changes are more consistent with human nature and evolution. (After all, in the end, the tortoise did beat the hare.)

    With an emphasis on daily habits, and some simple recipes for improving them, this wise little book outlines a fresh perspective on the timeless quest for sustainable self-improvement and a (relatively painless!) pathway to a better you.

    A NEW way to exercise that follows the Kaizen principles and produces maximum results!

    Power of 10 : The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution
    by Adam Zickerman

    A Week's Worth of Exercise in a Single Workout?

    "People don't believe it. Then they try it. Then they recruit their friends."

    So says Adam Zickerman about Power-of-10, the revolutionary slow motion fitness system that will transform your body and the way you think about exercise, rest, and nutrition forever.

    Imagine a fitness program so powerfully effective, you can:

    • Work out 20 to 25 minutes, once a week, for maximum strength, fat loss, and fitness
    • Follow a nutrition plan that doesn't permit hunger
    • Rest your way to success
    • Eliminate painful injuries, no matter what your age or experience
    • Finally begin a program that even the busiest, most stressed-out person can follow with hardly a break in schedule or change in routine.

    A what abour your body's natural balance?

    The pH Miracle for Weight Loss : Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight
    by Robert O. Young

    Building on the success of their first book, the best-selling The pH Miracle, in this book Dr. Young and his wife turn their attention to what is considered by many health experts as America’s number one health crisis—the growing numbers of people who are seriously overweight or obese. Contrary to other popular weight loss books, most notably those, such as The Atkins’ Diet and The South Beach Diet, that tout a low-carbohydrate approach to achieving weight loss, the Youngs maintain that the primary culprit behind excessive weight gain, as well as many other health problems, is a chronic state of acidity in the body (a pH value below 7.1). Shifting the body’s chemistry to a more alkaline pH, they maintain, will quickly and easily result in the loss of excess weight and the buildup of more lean muscle tissue.

    The goal outlined by the Youngs in this book is to replace dieting with a 12-week, seven-step program that is intended to not only rejuvenate the entire body by replacing current blood cells with blood cells "at the peak of health," but also to create an ongoing lifestyle that will permanently keep off the pounds that were shed during the 12-week period. In addition to a rich section on eating tips to create more alkalinity in the body (complete with an extensive list of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus), the book also covers the importance of adequate water drinking, proper exercise, important nutritional supplements, learning how to manage thoughts and emotions that can contribute to acidity, goal-setting, and, for optimum results, a two-week cleansing program. In support of the program, the book also includes a collection of testimonials from people who have achieved significant weight loss on the program—further backed up by before-and-after photographs. With an increasing number of health professionals now emphasizing the importance of proper pH to overall health, the information this book presents is both timely and fairly easy to implement. Larry Trivieri Jr.

    Weight loss is not about fat; it’s all about acid. So forget about fat grams, cholesterol, carbs, and calories: reaching your ideal weight is simply a matter of maintaining the delicate pH balance of the blood. And in his new book, Dr. Young offers a simple 7-step diet and exercise plan to help you change your shape and shed those pounds once and for all. How ever many pounds you need to lose before you reach your ideal, healthy weight--10, 30, 100--multiply it by two. That’s the maximum number of days it will take to reach your goal with the plan. This revolutionary program explains which foods will help you obtain the best results and how the right type of water can make a big difference. Also including a specific exercise plan and menus with delicious recipes, THE pH MIRACLE FOR WEIGHT LOSS will help readers balance their body chemisty and lose those extra pounds for good.

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